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SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit


OEM P/N:LE49000-507
PLATFORM: C-130 B thru H




The Kellstrom Defense SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit for C-130 aircraft is a Lockheed Martin approved solution that provides C-130 operators with increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs by replacing the out-of-production legacy GTC/ATM/ATM Generator with a SHORT-POD® APU compatible with C-130B-H models. The upgrade kit includes the SHORT-POD® APU, control panel, improved cowling, hardware, Technical/IPC/Flight manual updates, engineering support for installation, and ground and flight crew training.

The SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit is available exclusively through Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc. and offers C-130 operators with increased reliability, greater MTBUR, lower cost of ownership, and greater mission autonomy.



The distinctive and innovative SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit utilities the proprietary
design and intellectual property of Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc. to provide C-130
operators with increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs
The SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit is Lockheed Martin approved, licensed, inspected,
& hologrammed
Successfully installed and flight tested on 78 C-130 aircraft worldwide (16 countries)
US Government approved and stock listed (NSN: 1680-01-593-3146)
Installation requires no major structural modifications to fuselage, frames, or stringers
Can be installed at operator location by operator personnel
Quick installation on C-130B-H models, Pre 1974 (serial number 4652 and below)
Direct drive 40 KVA generator



• Increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs
• Increased operational capability and mission readiness
• Increased Bleed Air Output (150 PPM) provides quicker and more
• reliable engine starts while reducing excessive starter and turbine wear
• Reduced need for ground power units
• Reduced maintenance downtime
• Lower operating costs
• Certified airborne operations up to 18,000 feet
• Removal and reinstallation of SHORT-POD® APU can be performed in two hours
• SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit installation only takes 700 labor hours with no
major structural modifications
• Direct drive 40 KVA generator provides increased electric power and decreased
power fluctuations through essential and main AC busses and all DC busses
• SHORT-POD® APU available for in-flight emergency electric power.
• Lightweight (< 500 lbs; 227 kg)
• Higher MTBUR (3,350 Hours)