Engineering & Manufacturing

Capabilities - Project/Program Management


We maintain teaming agreements with key engineering and manufacturing firms and other strategic partnerships to collectively offer our Customers comprehensive solutions through end-to-end platform expertise.


We have several programs that illustrate the type of synergy that results from Kellstrom Defense pooling its resources to create a customized solution for the Customer and program managing a team of experts for execution. Crucial to our success is our demonstrated management of a vertically integrated supplier base, a validated supplier base and predicted project management tools and metrics.



Auxiliary Fuel System

Kellstrom Defense created a proprietary Auxiliary Fuel Cell
System Solution for the UH-1/AH-1 platforms that offer
enhanced operational use, extended range and design
flexibility to accommodate varying customer requirements
and platforms.
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Wing Skin Replacement Program

Kellstrom Defense has created a proprietary system to extend
the life of F-5 wings by replacement of critical components in
lieu of complete wing replacement utilizing the latest in
manufacturing and inspection technology.
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