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Engineering & Manufacturing

Solution Case Studies


The case studies below illustrate our multi–faceted approach to providing our customers with life extension and upgrade solutions:



F-5 Wing Repair:

Kellstrom Defense has created a proprietary system to repair
damaged wings using the latest in manufacturing and inspection
technology. The program can be transferred to perform repairs




UH-1 Auxiliary Fuel System:

Kellstrom Defense's proprietary Auxiliary Fuel Cell System Solution can be customized to nearly all rotary platforms and custom
specific parameters that address safty, performance and life
extension concerns.
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F-5 Canopy Solutions:

Kellstrom Defense has invested in the development of a comprehensive Work Cell and tooling for the T-38 and F-5
canopy systems that provide repair, refurbishment and new
manufactured canopies.
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F-5 30G Indicator:

With no OEM parts available in the market, the Kellstrom Defense
30G indicator was developed to fill the void for international F-5
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SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit:

The Kellstrom Defense SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit for C-130 aircraft is a Lockheed Martin approved solution that provides C-130 operators with increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs by replacing the out-of-production legacy GTC/ATM/ATM Generator with a SHORT-POD® APU compatible with C-130B-H models. The upgrade kit includes the SHORT-POD® APU, control panel, improved cowling, hardware, Technical/IPC/Flight manual updates, engineering support for installation, and ground and flight crew training.

The SHORT-POD® APU Upgrade Kit is available exclusively through Kellstrom Defense Aerospace, Inc. and offers increased reliability, greater MTBUR, lower cost of ownership, and greater mission autonomy.
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Accelerometer: AH-1 TOW Targeting System

With no OEM parts available in the market, the Kellstrom Defense
Accelerometer was developed to fill the void for international AH-1
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